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Technical Training Material

Recently, Polarkonsult has delivered world class training material for Equinor's Johan Castberg project.

We are able to deliver advanced technical training material for several sectors which will strengthen training of your staff and improve staff experience.

Customized and advanced training material will reduce the risk of high cost operational malfunctions.


Operation Manuals

In partnership with SAT in Oslo, Polarkonsult has prepared operating procedures for various systems on board Johan Castberg FPSO. This comprises operating procedures and routines for all 55 complicated systems of the processing plant and ship related systems. SATS

In addition to daily use during operation, the procedures will be used for personnel training during the outfitting phase, carried out in Norway from autumn 2022 until the field is ready for production in 2023. We will focus on delivering digital solutions for interactive use on different platforms; from laptops and  tablets to AR glasses (HoloLense).

Web Integration

By using captivating illustrations and animations we are able to convert your training material into a convinient learning plattform.  



We can produce explanatory illustrations of any piece of machinery and components. This will strengthen your possibilities to make presentations, applications and trainingprocess more convincing!


SO-Manuals, Documentation and Project Management Oil and gas sector

Covering your needs  for high quality staff training


Drawings and plans

  • Area plot

  • Block diagrams

  • Process flow schematics

  • Components

  • System schematic drawings

  • Large drawing

Quality control of substrates

Final production of complete SO manualsdd

Translation Norwegian-English-Norwegian


Phone: +47 770 58400


Margrethe Jørgensens vei 13,

9406 Harstad, NORWAY


Mon - Fri: 8am - 4pm

  • Facebook - Hvit Circle
  • Linkedin - Hvit Circle


With our staffs competence in process engineering, industrial design, illustrations and animations, we are ready to produce crystal clear and to-the-point documentations.


Project Management

Project management

  • Resource planning

  • Coordination of deliveries

  • Follow up the production of data from system authors in Equinor

  • Facilitate weekly status meetings

  • Conduct workshops

  • Progress reporting

  • Administration

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