RV Gunnerus lengthened at Assens Skibsværft in Denmark


RV Gunnerus, owned and operated by NTNU of Trondheim recently returned to home port Trondheim after lengthening and upgrading at Assens Skibsværft in Denmark.

RV Gunnerus was designed by Polarkonsult and delivered from Larsnes Mek Verksted in 2004. The vessel has been in continous operation since delivery. New PM thrusters delivered by Rolls Royce Marine was installed in 2012 at Moen Marin in Sandnessjøen.

The upgrade that was carried out was designed by Polarkonsult in close cooperation wth NTNU and the Gunnerus crew and has comprised

  • Lengthening by 5 m midships
  • Additional ROV equipment including a ROV containerized garage
  • A-frame for ROV handling
  • New 60 tm deck crane
  • New and larger engine control room
  • Addition accommodation; conference room, toilet and two cabins

Polarkonsult have carried out all drawings and documentation for the upgrade. Polarkonsult have also carried out supervision and management on behalf of NTNU in close cooperation with the crew.

Check out an interesting Time laps video of the lengthening process at Assens.

Photo: Halvard Aasjord and Arve Knudsen.