Landavåg checked and approved


Meet 18 year old Jarand Grøndal, the Owner of Landavåg, LM 7901. He is probably one of the youngest Owners in Norway. Jarand is determined to get everything in order, including all certifiates. Polarkonsult surveyor Tage Lie Karlsen carried out an inclining test together with Jarand in the island Sotra.

LM 7901 Landavaag is a 31 ft fishing vessel owner by Jarand Grøndal who is in practice with Rune og Sindre Sangolt. The boat is a typical Norwegian multi purpose coastal fishing vessel equipped for gillnetting, longlining, etc. The boat was built in 1981, but a new 120 HP engine was installed in 1994. 18 year old Jarand Grøndal must be one of the youngest Owners in Norway.

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