MS Svealand lengthened at Vaagland Båtbyggeri


After lengthening and modification, Vaagland Båtbyggeri redelivered MS Svealand to the owner Eidshaug Rederi in april 2014.



The works comprised lengthening by 7,20 m and increase of freezing capacity by installing new freezing hold on tank top. Freezing holds are increased from 700 m3 to 2000 m3.

Polarkonsult have prepared Preliminary design and complete Tender documents for the Owner. Polarkonsult have assisted during contract negotiations and have delivered an extensive engineering and lofting package for Vaagland Båtbyggeri. Design and prefabrication of lengthening block was carried during fall 2013. Docking and lengthening of Svealand was carried out in January – April 2014 at the Yards facilities in Vaagland.

The Owner is satisfied with the langthening and can offer substantially higher capacity.

- She works just fine, Snorre Eidshaug says. She probably gained a copuple of 1/10 knots.

Svealand was built at Moen Slip AS, Kolvereid in 2008 and was designed by Polarkonsult.

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Foto: Frode Adolfsen