Polarkonsult part of CO2 transportation study within national CCS strategy


Polarkonsult have been awarded  a contract by Larvik Shipping AS for technical analysis and ship design for CO2 transportation as part of a full scale Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) study in Norway. This is following Gassco’s award of a contract to Larvik Shipping for a CCS ship transportation study. The work is part of the Norwegian Government’s ongoing plans to deliver a full scale operational CCS scheme by 2020. The study was completed in April after a two months intensive study. The report has successfully been delivered to Gassco.

Polarkonsult have carried out the ship design part of the study, while Larvik Shipping focused on operational and economic issues and Yara have coordinated and provided operational expertise in CO2 . The study was completed by mid April 2016.

“The studies will ensure that the Governments strategy for at least one full scale CO2 handling chain can be completed by 2020”, Frode Leversund, CEO at Gassco, stated prior to the study. “The CO2 chain is currently studied by Norcem in Brevik, Yara at Herøya and Klemetsrud EVE in Oslo as Carbon Capture locations, while Gassco and Statoil is handling CO2 transportation and storage”, Leversund adds.

This study builds on previous work where Polarkonsult has been engaged by Larvik Shipping and Yara for development of conceptual ship design for their CO2 shipping activities. Yara and Larvik Shipping bring expertise as market leaders in CO2 production and distribution for the food market.
The design team at Polarkonsult is happy to be part of this highly advanced study within a future national CCS strategy.

The photos shows Larvik Shippings existing CO2 carriers for the food industry; Yaragas III, Yara Gerda and Yara Froya.

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