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Some of our Designs

Polarkonsult has since 1974 delivered design for a variety of vessels, from smaller fishing vessels and passenger ships to larger cargo carriers, heavy lifters and tankers. As an independant designer we offer you tailor made designs that meets your specifications.  Check out some of our designs for the selected vessel category!

We are a small independent ship design company that makes us flexible and productive!
A partner you can trust, and able to deliver! 
Below you can explore some of our earlier designs

Designs for more than 21 newbuildings in operation


With more than 12 fully designed and...


Harbour- and offshore tugs, offshore support vessls


Looking  for designs for seismic survey, diving support and research vessels?

Morten Einar_PK_design.jpg

Designs for a variety of fishing gear and vessel sizes

PK630_Blue line_Best.jpg

With focus on product- and chemical tankers....


Phone: +47 770 58400


Margrethe Jørgensens vei 13,

9406 Harstad, NORWAY


Mon - Fri: 8am - 4pm

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