PK-259.1 Ferry for Vestmannaeyjar

The PK-259.1 is a tailor made design for the Vestmannaeyjar connection between Heimaey and Landeyjahöfn in Iceland.


Powerful plug-in hybrid power pack
The vessel will be fitted a diesel-electric power plant supported by a 800 kWh battery pack offering a short term output of 4800 kW. This peak power will be available for high power maneuvering in harbor, especially when entering Landeyjahöfn. The plant is capable of driving all four thrusters at 100% power. The batteries will be charged when docked or during sailing.

Challenging waters requires excellent capabilities
Weather conditions outside Landeyjahöfn are challenging with a mixture of long ocean waves and shorter coastal waves in combination with strong transversal current at the entry of the harbor. The water depth is only 4,5 m and the ferry will be capable of operating waves up to 3,5 m. These conditions require excellent maneuverability and shallow water seakeeping characteristics.

The vessels two main pulling rotary thrusters and two bow thrusters will offer extremely good maneuverability capabilities. The vessel will also be fitted with active roll damping fins for maximum passenger’s comfort.

Main data

Lengde over alt 69,38 m
Length between p.p., Lpp 64,12 m
Beam, mld 15,10 m
Depth to main deck, mld 5,10 m
Design draught 2,80 m
Deadweight at design draught 315 t
Lane capacity 330  
Passengers, summer/winter 540/390  
Total generator power 3 700 kW
Battery support 800 kW
Short term total output 4 800 kW
Main pulling thrusters 2 x 1700 kW
Bow thrusters 2 x 600 kW
Trial speed 15,6 kn
Cruising speed on route 13,0 kn


More information on this vessel can be obtained by contacting:

Sales Manager, Senior Project Engineer

Arne Markussen
+47 913 52 146