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PK-164 LNG EcoBulk under construction for Seaworks


Our design PK-164 LNG EcoBulk is now under construction for Seaworks AS of Harstad. This new self-unloader bulk vessel will be delivered in 2023 from Wuhu Shipyard in China. Supervision is carried out by Peak Marine Tech on behalf of the Owner.

PK-164 LNG EcoBulk is an environmantal friendly vessel designed for transportation of bulk cargoes; mainly gravel, sand, etc. The vessel is equipped as self-unloader with electric excavator, conveyors, etc. for delivery of products directly on shore. The vessel will join the Owners fleet of 6 bulk vessels.

The vessel is designed by Polarkonsult in close cooperation with Seaworks. During the design, Owner has given great attention to environmental aspects; low emission of GHG and low emissions of NOx and particles. A battery pack of 924 kWh will enable silent operation in harbor and during unloading at different locations.

The vessel will be registered under Norwegian tegister, NOR and be classified by DNV.

LNG system as well as a high degree of electric drives will reduce emission of CO2. Compared with the Owners existing fleet og diesel driven vessels, CO2 emissions pr. transported tonnes will be reduced by 35%. The vessel is also prepared to be fueled by Liquid Biogas (LBG) which will completely eliminate emissions of CO2.

Classification DNV ✠1A1 – BULK CARRIER - BWM-T – E0 – CLEAN – NAUT-NAV – BIS – TMON - Gas Fuelled LNG – BATTERY (power)

The vessel is designed with Hybrid Machinery enabling pure electric drive at low speed and during maneuver as well as electric boost for high speed purposes. The vessel will be fitted with electric drives for main equipment. An advanced AC/DC system will supply deck machinery, unloading system including excavator, tunnel thruster, etc.

The vessel will be one of the first vessels with electric excavator.

Main dimensions and capacities

Lenght over all, Loa 77.50m

Lenght between pp, Lpp 77.50m

Beam, Bm 16.50m

Depth to main deck, Dm 7.10m

Loaded draft, dm 5.50m

Deadweight at max draft 3,900t

Cargo hold 4,500m3

LNG tank capacity 200m3

Main engine, LNG powered 1460kW

Shaft generator/electric boost motor 800kW

Battery pack 924kWh

MDO diesel generator (back up) 900kW

Unloading capacity 600t/hr

An article in Harstad Tidende is available (in Norwegian for subscribers)

See also article in iHarstad (Norwegian)

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